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Transdisciplinary of Digital Design-2020 International Conference on Digital Media Design

Digital thinking x Perceptual fusion x Cross-field integration

In recent years, due to the rapid development of science and technology, software and hardware technology, as well as the promotion of international competitiveness, the research and application of digital media design and creative and innovative design must also be changed, and the thinking and techniques of design must be adjusted to present the innovative manifestation of diversification and sensational fusion. Therefore, it also affects Taiwan and international industries, as well as the transformation and change of talent cultivation and teaching. In order to reflect the changes and demands of the times, Department of Digital Media Design, National Yunlin University of Science and Technology held the “Transdisciplinary of Digital Design-2020 International Conference on Digital Media Design (ICDMD 2020)”. It is expected that the domestic and foreign exchanges of academia and new industrial technology development could promote the public’s awareness on the trend and evolution of digital age, fusion of rational and perceptual thinking, and cross-field integration of digital design. With digital design cross-field integration and sensational fusion design thinking as the core, the conference mainly focuses on digital media design, information technology application, research on design of users and other research fields related to digital design. Its content covers game design, interactive media, computer animation, video and audio design, post processing, interactive technology, display technology application, design and technology, mobile device applications, Internet of Things (IoT), and smart applications, interactive experience research, user experience, UI design, digital marketing, service design, design and social practice, cross field design, technological innovation and other topics. It is expected to open up a broader international perspective for the development of domestic academia, understand the trend of digital media industry in Taiwan and abroad, and deepen the new thinking of talent cultivation of digital media design in the future.

Paper topics

1.Theme of solicitation for academic research papers


Research on digital content design: game design, interactive media, digital design theory,Computer Animation,video & audio design, post processing, scenario design.


Digital technology application research: interactive technology, display technology applications, somatosensory science and technology, design and technology, mobile device applications, IoT, and smart applications.


User design research: human computer interaction (HCI) design, interactive experience research, usability evaluation, user experience, UI design.


 Perceptual thinking design research: digital cultural and creative design, design strategy, visual design, design cognition, design education, design research method.


Other digital related research: digital marketing, service design, design and social practice, cross field design, technological innovation.

2.Topics for practical creative papers


 Game design, digital art, computer animation, motion graphs, technology art.


Important Date

July 1, 2020 

September 10, 2020 

September 20, 2020 

Open the full text online contribution

Full text deadline

Full text review notice / Registration starts

September 27, 2020 

Full text paper modification and upload completed

October 10, 2020 

Registration deadline

October 23, 2020 

Hold the conference

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